Odds are, you know a reseller. Someone who sources and tracks down unique finds one at a time, by visiting multiple thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, etc., and then sells them at a markup in their vendor booth, their brick-and-mortar store, or their online/mobile sales platforms. We understand what a huge time commitment it is to source, especially when demand for sustainable shopping options is gaining traction, but the availability of options for resellers to source is significantly lacking.

It shouldn't be hard to buy used goods for resale.

And now it's not.

Why should you become a wholesale customer?

Access our Backstock

We have tens of thousands of items carefully quality checked and sorted into convenient categories.

Custom Curation

No grab-bag or by-the-pound sales tactics here! Your choice is everything to us!

Steady Inventory Year Round

And no need for large amounts of out-of-season storage!

Low Cost-Per-Unit

Starting at 70% off of retail, and unlock discounts for bulk purchases!

Eliminate Sourcing Time & Difficulty

Let us pick for you so you can get your time back to spend on other parts of the business.

No Minimums

There’s no minimum purchase or quantity of items, but you will save money if you buy in bulk!

No Pressure

There’s no timeline within which you need to reorder to be considered a wholesale buyer with us.

Flexibility Guaranteed

You’re not locked in to a certain style, set of brands, or types of items.

Market Responsiveness

We will help you stay in front of trends and help you stay stocked with what your shoppers are looking for.

Happy clients,
Happy businesses

Used Made Here Wholesale has changed my boutique life!

Green Bodega is a local family owned business and we struggle finding wholesale product that we could see first hand and affordable.

Used Made Here has a huge selection of fashion and home decor to fulfill my inspirational lifestyle brand. They scheduled a consultation and we discussed the style, prints, and colors. Their fashion savvy team pulled and selected amazing products to fit my needs. The best part is that this saved me time, money, local pick up, and every purchase there supports the local community!

If you’re looking for quality name brand products, fashion styling, or an inventory register system Used Made Here is a 5 star experience.
Stanley Heard II & Ryan Martinez
Co-Owners of Green BodegA