Never Ending Fundraiser

Never Ending Fundraiser by:

Thrift for Good® is a donation-based thrift store that lets donors choose a charity to receive 25% of the proceeds from their donation. Charities can create a passive income stream by encouraging their support base to donate unwanted used goods to their Never-Ending Fundraiser through Thrift for Good®!

How it functions

Donors bring us their discards, and designate which church, booster club, school, or other charitable organization will get the proceeds from their donation. We quality check, price, and document the sellable items from each donation. Checks are issued to charities on a monthly basis, after items sell, and when the total owed is at least $50.

Items that do not meet our quality standards will be donated to the TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization that coordinates the gifting of those items to clothing rooms, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations allowing them the opportunity to impact more lives. To learn more about TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation visit


What do we mean when we say that 25% goes to charity?

25% of actual sales less taxes, listing & shipping charges (if the item was sold online), and repair costs (if any) go to charity.  

How do you determine which charity gets the money?

The donor chooses the charity that will receive 25% .

Donors must choose a charity from our existing list.

In rare cases, some charities decline our payments. If a charity declines the payment, the funds will be assigned to a charity with a similar mission. Similarly, if a charity ceases to exist, the funds will be assigned to a charity with a similar mission.

If the donor does not specify a charity, the proceeds will be given to the TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation. This charity takes things from Thrift for Good® that are usable but not worth selling and distributes them to local charities.  

How do charities get their checks?

Charities are paid for items sold each month when the total is at least $50. If it is less than $50, we will wait until it reaches the $50. If the check is not cashed within 90 days, it may be cancelled, but will be reissued upon request.

Which charities can I pick from?

You can pick from charities already on our list. Just let us know which charity you want to support when you drop off your donation.

How do I add a new Charity?

If the charity of your choice isn't listed here in our Charities List, please use our Add New Charity page to add your charity.

What can I do to help my charity make more money?

There are a few things donors can do to help get the best value for their donation:

1. Bring your donation in its own container (a bag or box). We don't mind lending you one when you arrive, but if it was used for a prior donation, it could still be marked with the old sticker.

2. Put sets in a single container. If possible, put the entire set into one box or bag. Donations are processed one bag or box at a time. If, for example, a pair of shoes gets put into two different bags when you donate, they will most likely never be reunited.