For Charities

Set your charity up for success!

Tips to Maximize Support:

1. Diversify Revenue Streams: Don’t rely solely on donations, sales play a pivotal role! Encourage your community to shop at Thrift for Good, where every purchase directly aids your cause.

2. Spread The Word: Incorporate mentions of Thrift for Good across your website and social channels. Share our content to amplify your message.

Here is some sample language you can use:
- "Support us by shopping at Thrift for Good! Every purchase directly aids our cause."
- "Look for our name on the tag to ensure your support goes directly to us."

Other things you can do to setup your charity for sucess:

1. Bring your donation in its own container (a bag or box). We don't mind lending you one when you arrive, but if it was used for a prior donation, it could still be marked with the old sticker.

2. Put sets in a single container. If possible, put the entire set into one box or bag. Donations are processed one bag or box at a time. If, for example, a pair of shoes gets put into two different bags when you donate, they will most likely never be reunited.

3. Please ensure that any volunteers for your organization understand their role in not just delivering items to us, but also in ensuring that they are appropriate for drop off.


TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation

With the support of our community and donations from Thrift for Good Ltd., we are able to offer an assortment of used goods, including:

- Women’s Assorted Tops
- Women’s Assorted Bottoms (shorts/pants/skirts)
- Men’s Assorted Tops
- Men’s Assorted Bottoms
- Adult Coats/Jackets
- Adult Shoes
- Children’s Assorted Clothing (bottoms, tops, shoes)
- Baby Assorted Clothing (bottoms, tops, shoes)
- Backpacks
- Bathroom Towels
- Kitchen Towels
- Household Appliances
- Bedding (assorted)
- Kitchen Appliances
- Kitchen Cookware/Bakeware
- Kitchen Plates
- Kitchen Glasses/Cups
- Kitchen Mugs
- Kitchen Silverware
- Kitchen Cooking Utensils
- Hygiene products(soaps, feminine hygiene, makeup etc.)
- Adult Incontinent Supplies- Books/CDs/DVDs/VHS Tapes
- Crafting Supplies/Items
- Oversized Baby Items (strollers, highchairs etc.)
- Durable Medical Equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, etc)
- Clothes and Shoes
- Toiletries
- Books
- Household Decor
- Toys
- Furniture
- Pet Supplies
- & More!

Do you need any other items not listed? We cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill this request, but we will check our warehouse to see what we have available!