Do you represent a charity? Want your name listed in our “Shop By Charity” section to start effortlessly earning funds?  Learn what Thrift for Good can do for you!

Complete fundraising system, no assembly required!

Step 1: Encourage your supporting base, staff, volunteers, and the community to make donations on behalf of your organization

Step 2: We use our expertise to get the highest and best value for each item: The most valuable items are sold online for the big bucks. Other items are sold locally, or batched up and wholesaled to specialty shops. Things that aren’t worth selling are given to our partner charity, TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation to be distributed, for free, to charitable organizations that can put them to good use.

Step 3: Once the items are sold, we send you a check for 25% of the proceeds! (Checks are issued monthly, when we owe at least $50.)

Fundraiser Guarantees 
We handle it all!

There’s no need for you to dedicate space, time, or personnel… save those resources for your mission! We handle the marketing, collect the items from donors, and get them sold! All you have to do is cash the check! 

Make more money! 

We only make money if you make money, so we specialize in maximizing the value or each item we receive. Our experience and processes allow us to get items in front of purchasers quickly, efficiently, and for the maximum value.

It’s Effortless! 

Fundraising is hard work! Organization, outreach and marketing are the easy parts… The hard part is getting your donors to give up the most useful commodity on the planet: MONEY. Why not let them donate something they don’t want, instead?  

Conserve volunteer time!

Use your volunteers to fulfill your mission, rather than labor-intensive fundraising efforts with unpredictable outcomes.  Volunteers are not needed for this fundraiser! 

    Free Resources from TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation
    Don’t forget that our partner organization, TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation, offers free resources for nonprofits!

      In-Kind Gifts

      Whether its clothing, bedding, or home supplies, TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation may be able to provide your non-profit organization with the items it needs to fulfill its mission! 


      TFG Charitable Supply & Foundation give out grants annually to qualified non-profit organizations. Giving for 2021 is estimated to be a total of $100,000, and grant applications will be accepted during the month of July.