Thrift For Good 
Good for the Community  
Good for the Environment    
Good for Your Wallet

10am - 8pm Monday - Saturday
10am - 6pm Sunday

120 W Bedford-Euless Rd Hurst, Texas 76053

Thrift for Good is a donation-based thrift store unlike any other:
Thrift for Good lets you pick which charity receives the cash proceeds from your donation and gives excess stuff that can’t be sold to charities that can use it, so nothing goes to waste.
Thrift for Good is the perfect fundraising solution for your organization. Simply ask your members to donate their unwanted items to Thrift for Good and designate your group to receive the cash proceeds from the sale.
Thrift for Good is a clean, well-organized store where you can buy quality items at extremely affordable prices. Regular thrifts usually have a lot of clutter, which makes shopping frustrating and the results unpredictable.
Thrift for Good is organized more like a conventional retail store, with a more consistent inventory of goods on the shelves. Read more about our store here, or start shopping now

How it functions:
We collect and sort used goods of all kinds, and hope to adopt a “zero-waste” approach. Donors bring us their discards, and designate which church, charity, booster club, or school will get the proceeds from their donation. We sort the goods, and leverage the greatest value out of each item. 

Items that are not worth enough to sell will be donated to the TFG Charitable Supply, a 501(c)(3) organization that will be operated in a separate space in the same building. TFG Charitable Supply will coordinate gifting of those items to clothing rooms, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations so that they can be put to their highest and best use. 

The Thrift for Good Foundation will be headquartered with the TFG Charitable Supply. The Foundation is privately funded, and will distribute approximately $150,000 in funds annually to operate the TFG Charitable Supply and to support a variety of other charitable works in and around the community. 

Our Secret Sauce:
Most thrift stores focus on moving a massive number of goods at deeply discounted prices. Each item is priced the same, regardless of its actual value. These stores can’t afford the labor involved in assessing and marketing each item, so the value goes unrecognized, and the charity loses out. 

Our mission is to create technologies to deal with the massive flow of used merchandise in our economy. This flow is not well organized right now - with disastrous consequences to our pocketbooks and environment. Simply put, no one has applied modern technology to this industry. Most thrift stores operate just like they did 50 or even 100 years ago! 

About the Founders:
Our two founding partners have an unlikely convergence of skills: Taylor Watts is a process automation specialist and electrical engineer who worked to design and install factories for huge companies like Dr. Pepper and Purina. Jen Cooper is an attorney turned venture capitalist with experience in marketing and tech startups. They both grew up in junk stores, preferring used to new, and met a couple of years ago while operating their respective niche resale businesses.  Read more about TFG Charitable Supply and TFG Foundation here

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