What can I donate?

We take pretty much everything except furniture and large appliances. We love to see clothing, items for the home, and old stuff! Please don’t donate broken or unusable things. We strive to minimize waste and put all usable things to good use!

Please note: We cannot issue tax certificates at this time. 

How much goes to charity?

25% of the sold price of each item goes to the charity of the donor’s choice. Checks are issued monthly for amounts $50 and up. 

Which charities can I pick from?

You can pick from charities already on our list, or any other charity you care about. Just let us know which charity you want to support when you drop off your donation. 

How do I get my charity on your list?

Charities are automatically added to our list when a donation is made on their behalf. If you are affiliated with a charity, and want more information about our never-ending fundraiser or the in-kind and monetary gifts available through our charitable counterpart, TFG Charitable Supply and Foundation, please click here

What happens to stuff you can’t sell?

Some items are useful, but not worth enough to sell. Perhaps they’re a little broken, have missing parts, or are stained. These items are given to our charitable counterpart, TFG Charitable Supply and Foundation. They sort those goods and then give them away for free to other charities that can use them. For example, coats, socks and blankets go to charities serving the homeless. 

Can I volunteer?

The Thrift for Good store and donation center is a for-profit entity, so all of our employees are paid. If you want to help sort items to be given to various local charities, please check out the volunteer opportunities available through our charitable counterpart, TFG Charitable Supply and Foundation