Beginning Friday, May 1, 2020 we will offer contact-free donation pickup in select cities! Schedule a pickup here!

Thrift for Good turns your donated junk into a cash donation to your favorite charity!

We use a proprietary process to leverage the maximum value out of each item you donate. While other thrift stores price items at bargain-basement prices, Thrift for Good focuses on the 10% of items that have the potential to generate maximum cash. We use EXPERTS to sort the stuff, so you don’t end up getting only $2 for something worth $50. 

Items that cost more in time, space, and materials than they are worth to sell are donated to the TFG Charitable Supply, so that they can be distributed to other charities that can put them to their highest and best use. 
Watch the video to begin imagining how your items might be put to their Best Use. 

We do not take large appliances or upholstered furniture. We do take clean boxes and packing materials.