When people think “thrift” they usually think of either junk or collectibles. But the most lucrative items are typically electronics, power tools, and specialty athletic equipment.

Anything that’s still usable. We don’t take trash, recyclables, or partially used supplies (bottles of shampoo, pieces of drywall, etc).

No! The vast majority of items we take are used. But, if you accidentally ordered the wrong pool pump and waited too long to return it, Thrift for Good is the solution. That’s the kind of item that would be sold for $7 at Goodwill’s bulk by-the-pound warehouse. We might be able to get $150 for it!

We prefer to donate items we can’t sell to organizations that can put those items to direct, immediate use. Extra clothes go to clothing rooms serving the homeless. Household goods are given to permanent supportive housing projects to furnish apartments. School supplies go to public school districts and teachers.

Right now, we are giving 25% of cash proceeds from retail sales, and 50% from wholesale sales. (Those percentages might change in the future, but those changes will only apply to new donations.) But we don’t sell everything that is donated. Some items cost more in time, space, and other resources than they’re worth to sell. And sometimes, those things aren’t even worth batching up and selling wholesale. Those items are donated to the TFG Charitable Supply, a 501(c)(3) organization that distributes those items to other charities that can put them to direct use.